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I'm going to write in English because I'm lazy right now. 不好意思,我懒得翻译哦。

Maybe I will translate to Chinese later.

I was just thinking how interesting it is, what is popular among Chinese-speaking fans vs. among English-speaking fans.

Different characters are more popular, different ships are more popular.

(We call fictional couples "ships" in English, from "relationships". Learning the Chinese words for all the fan stuff has been interesting too! You don't learn this in class!! 比如说同人的意思太多了!我还不开窍!TAT)

ObiKaka (带卡) is sooooo popular here on Lofter and on Tieba too.

I would say it's not really popular among English-speaking fans at all.

Most popular ship for Kakashi with English speaking fans are KakaIruand KakaGai. (卡伊 and 卡凯)

I think these ships are not that popular with Chinese speaking fans, right? KakaIru is a little bit popular but KakaGai doesn't seem to be popular at all.

I like lots of ships, but my very favourite ship is KakaSaku 卡樱. I would say it has a lot of English-speaking fans, especially considering that it isn't canon and that it's a male/female ship. (Canon怎么说呢?来自真正漫画的CP算是canon。比方说,鸣雏、sai井、鹿鞠等等。)But it's also a ship that lots of people hate... haha I won't go into that. ( ・᷄ὢ・᷅ )

On, it's actually the #5 most popular ship in Naruto. The top five are:

1. SasuNaruSasu

2. KakaIru

3. SasuSaku

4. NaruHina

5. KakaSaku

I don't think KakaSaku is very popular among Chinese fans either. Which makes me a little sad! TAT

Anyway. I just thought it was interesting.

Because I think a lot of the time, we make art because we see other people making art. We write a story because we read someone else'sstory.

So the more popular a couple is, the more popular it gets, more and more and more.


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